How to Install Pixel Experience Android 12 on Poco X3 Pro (Vayu/Bhima)

cara install pixel experience poco x3 pro vayu

Hello, welcome to, in this post I will show you how to install Pixel Experience 12 Official Custom ROM on Poco X3 Pro with codename vayu or bhima.

About Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience (commonly abbreviated as PE) is one of the best and widely used AOSP-based custom ROMs. This ROM offers interesting features that are only available on smartphones made by Google, namely the Google Pixel.

Some of the features include: Pixel Bootanimation, Pixel Launcher, Wallpapers, Icons, Fonts, and several other Pixel features including Google apps.

Pixel Experience with Android 12

If you are curious about how it feels to use a Google Pixel smartphone, you only need to install this custom ROM on the Poco X3 Pro or other brand smartphones such as Xiaomi, Poco, Realme, Samsung, OnePlus, and other devices that are officially supported by the PixelEperience Team.

The version that we will install this time is Pixel Experience 12.0 Official, which is the first Stable build for Android 12 and brings major changes to its features and user interface.

Pixel Experience 12 Installation Preparation

  • Backup data in internal memory. The installation process will delete all data in the internal memory, you should backup important data such as photos, videos, and others.
  • Unlock the bootloader. Before flashing a custom recovery, your phone’s bootloader must be unlocked.
  • Flash custom recovery. Here I am using TWRP version 3.6.0 or later. You can also use other custom recovery like OrangeFox or others.
  • Download MIUI 12.5.7 Firmware or latest version. If your phone is on MIUI 12.5 or later, you can skip this file.
  • Download Pixel Experience 12.0 Official or latest version.
  • Download Magisk 23.0 or later. This is optional, if you don’t want the phone to be rooted, you can skip this file.

If all the requirements and materials have been obtained, it’s time for us to proceed to the steps as follows.

Steps to Install Pixel Experience on Poco X3 Pro (Vayu/Bhima)

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Before we begin, it should be noted that the installation process is carried out via internal memory. So, you just have to save all the files that were downloaded earlier in the internal memory without the need for a memory card, flash drive and OTG cable.

  1. Reboot to Recovery Mode (TWRP)

    Turn off the phone first, then enter TWRP by pressing and holding the Volume up + Power button simultaneously. After the Poco logo appears, release the Power button while still holding the Volume up button, wait for it to enter TWRP.

    reboot to recovery mode

  2. Wipe Data

    After entering TWRP, wipe data by clicking the Wipe menu -> Advanced Wipe. Check Dalvik, Data, and Cache, then slide the Swipe to Wipe button to the right to continue.

    wipe data

  3. Go to File Directory

    Return to the main page and click the Install menu. Then find the folder where you saved the downloaded file.

    go to file directory

  4. Install Pixel Experience ROM

    The order of installation should not be wrong. First select the Firmware file, then click Add more Zips, select ROM Pixel Experience, click Add more Zips again, finally select Magisk. Then slide the Swipe to confirm Flash button to the right to continue the flashing process and wait for it to finish.

    install rom

  5. Format Data

    After the flashing process is complete, return to the main page. Format the data by going to the Wipe menu -> Format Data, then type yes to continue.

    format data

  6. Reboot System

    Finally, click the Reboot System button and wait for the phone to boot until it enters the initial setup page.

So far, the installation process has been successful. Then do the initial setup like when you buy a new smartphone until it successfully enters the main screen.

Video tutorial:

Well, that’s the complete tutorial on how to install the Pixel Experience 12 custom rom on the Poco X3 Pro with the codename vayu or bhima. Hopefully useful and don’t forget to share this article with your friends if they need it. See you in the next post.